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Marriage is a holy bond that God joins together. It's a covenant that is sacred and created by God to last a lifetime. Therefore the sanctity of keeping your union together is a sacred task. Most people never enter a marriage thinking that they will end up in divorce court. Maintaining a healthy marriage is always our primary goal. If you or your spouse find yourselves struggling to keep your marriage alive, come and receive pastoral marriage counseling and find new life for your relationship

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A good resource for helping your relationship to grow and develop is a book called "Levels of Intimacy".

“Levels of Intimacy” is in-depth approach to helping couples develop an connection in their marriage. The book highlights concrete ways to developing a more fulfilled relationship.

Complete with exercises that partners can do together, this book is sure to bring couples closer on a much deeper level. These exercises are designed to challenge individuals toward growth, and assist them in becoming physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and sexually connected to their spouse.


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