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Coming Soon!!! Below are services that Chaplain Services will eventually start providing.

Hospice Care

Hospice care focus on a holistic care approach by recognizing the dignity and value of the patient's worth.  Chaplain Services aids as part of the holistic care by meeting the emotional and spiritual care of the patient and family members.

  • Chaplain Services provides Chaplain(s) to assist hospice agencies in providing needed spiritual services to patients and families
  • Chaplains provide memorial services for patients
  • Chaplains provide sacramental rites to patients
  • Chaplains network with local churches of the patient's faith perspective so that the patient receive spiritual guidance that is meaningful to the patient

Benefits for using Chaplain Services:

  1. Hospice agencies do not have to worry about the salary or financial needs of the employees.
  2. Hospice agencies do not have to worry about providing medical insurance and retirement plans to the employees.
  3. Hospice agencies do not have to be concerned with retention pay adjustments for the spiritual care providers.
  4. Hospice agencies do not have to be concerned with paying employees mileage pay . The burden of growing cost of gasoline is a thing of the past.
  5. Qualified spiritual care providers for hospice patients, family members, and staff is the primary focus of Chaplain Services. Chaplain (s) have master"s degree in Divinity (M.Div) or at least 3 years experience in providing pastoral care.

For further information please email us at contracting@chaplainservices.org or call (832) 597-7945


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